Northwestern Saskatchewan Project


February 18,2016 CanAlaska (“CVV”) announced staking (17,400 ha) magnetic features identified by analysis of government airborne data;

March 3, 2016 Fjordland (“FEX”) initial staking of 43,708 ha surrounding CVV claim groups;

May 15, 2016 CVV executes $20.4 million option with DeBeers Canada;

May 19, 2016 FEX second round of staking adding further 41,101 ha for total mineral tenure of 84,809 ha;

May 24, 2016 FEX options two claim groups from CVV totally 2,544 ha;

June 20, 2016 FEX appoints Mark Kolebaba to Advisory Board;

June 27, 2016 CVV announces DeBeers completes ground sampling indicates high resolution airborne geophysical surveys;

August 18, 2016 DeBeers commences drill program – 85 targets identified;

September 9, 2016 DeBeers suspends drill program after drilling 7 targets without identifying kimberlite;

December 12, 2016 DeBeers drops option;

January 16, 2017 CVV receives preliminary analysis of DeBeer’s drill results concludes additional geophysical modelling and analysis is required;

March 2017 CVV receives geophysical and drill data from DeBeers and begins a detailed geophysical review of targets which exhibit pipe like features. Discussion with third parties to ascertain interest in exploring priority targets is ongoing;

April 26, 2017 FEX terminates option on two CVV claim groups (2,544 ha). Continues to hold mineral title on 84,809 ha’s surrounding CVV claims.

Note: Richard Atkinson, P.Eng is the QP who has reviewed the data presented.

Maps & Figures