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The South Voisey's Bay (SVB) Property is located 260 kilometres north-northwest of Goose Bay and 80 kilometres south of the Voisey's Bay nickel, copper, and cobalt mine which accounted for more than 28 per cent of nickel, 18 per cent of Cobalt and 6 per cent of Copper production in Canada by 2013 (Source: US Geological Survey, 2014; Vale S.A., 2014 ).

Access is via helicopter or float plane. The SVB Property is 29,400 Hectares (29.4 Sq.Km) in size.

Geologic Setting

The Property encompasses gabbros of the Pants Lake mafic intrusive complex (PLI) situated at the tectonic boundary between the Nain and Churchill provinces dominated by basement gneisses. The PLI, consisting of the South, North, Worm, and Mineral Hill intrusions, has been the main focus of all mineral exploration on the Property to date.

The PLI is the only significant analogue to the Voisey's Bay Mine in Labrador. There are clear similarities between the geological settings, age, petrology, and geochemistry of the Pants Lake Intrusion underlying the South Voisey's Bay Property and that of the analogous mafic rocks in the Voisey's Bay area.

Voisey's Bay Mine - Reserves 2016


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The Voisey's Bay Mines transitioned from open pit ore from the Ovoid deposit to underground ore was approved for execution in 2016. The first underground ore is expected to be delivered from the Reid Brook deposit in 2021. When complete the underground mine will produce an average of 46,000 tons of contained nickel per year and extend the operational life until 2032.

Source: Vale S.A. - Form 20-F for the year ended December 31, 2016 as filed with the SEC April 10, 2017.


The Property is 85% owned by Commander Resources Ltd. and 15% by Fjordland. The Property is unencumbered.

Fjordland expended $350,000 during 2014 carrying out a large scale magnetic and UTEM 3 ground geophysical surveys thereby earning its 15%. Commander is currently the operator.


Magmatic sulphide mineralization associated with gabbroic rocks in the Pants Lake area was initially recognized in 1991, but received no exploration attention until 1995. From 1995 to 2008 extensive exploration was completed on the Property by a number of operators including Donner Minerals, Commander Resources, Teck Exploration, and Falconbridge Limited. Exploration included stream sediment geochemistry, prospecting and geological mapping of the PLI, geophysical surveys including airborne and ground magnetics, airborne EM and MegaTEM, gravity, HLEM, IP, TDEM, AMT, and UTEM, and diamond drilling totalling 144 holes (35,102 metres).


At this time, three areas of the property show the best potential for hosting large high-grade nickel and copper mineralization;

1) the 2002 discovery by Falconbridge Ltd of a strong UTEM conductor west of the Worm intrusion (Sandy Target),
2) a possible feeder vent at the central portion of the Taheke lobe, and
3) the deep massive sulphide target at the eastern extension of the Taheke lobe (Sarah Target).

In November 2014 Fjordland commissioned ground geophysical surveys including magnetics (42 line-km) and a UTEM 3 (22.6 line-km) survey. The UTEM survey consisted of both inside and outside a large loop to measure both horizontal and vertical conductors.

The survey delineated an extremely strong, sub-horizontal conductive body approximately 350 metres by 400 metres in size, elongated north-northwest (Sandy target). A group of four sub-parallel steeply dipping conductors were also delineated (Sandy North target). These conductors, located 1 kilometre to the north of the Sandy target, are closely associated with the basal portion of the Worm gabbro body.

A follow-up program is planned that will consist of drill testing six diamond drill holes (1,000 metres) on the 2014 UTEM targets. A minimum of two 200 metre deep drill holes are planned to test the Sandy conductors and possible depth extensions. Four holes are planned for the Sandy North UTEM targets. The estimated cost of drilling is $600,000.

Please click here or on the thumbnail to your right for a comprehensive overview of the PLI authored by A. Kerr of the Newfoundland Department of National Resources entitled " The Pants Lake Intrusion, Central Labrador: Geology, Geochemical and Magmatic Ni-Cu-Co Sulphide Mineralization. To review Summaries and Conclusion please refer to pages 109 - 124 of this document.

Note: John Peters, PGeo is the QP who has reviewed the data presented.

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